Spring is Natures Way of Saying, "Let's Party!" - But Not Without Your Daily Immunity Shot. ;)

Our Story

To understand why Bala Veda and Adaptogens are a so incredibly important to us, we have to go back to the year 2012 when our founder Amanda Hester was living in NYC, and, as most people do, putting everything else in her life first; besides her health.

Fatigued, anxiety-ridden and constantly sick, she wanted to find balance in her body, but didn’t know where to begin.

With a background in herbalism, a new budding interest in Ayurveda and heart full of spirit, after months of searching, Amanda stumbled upon the “remedy” to her ongoing health issues: Adaptogens. These ancient herbs for modern day healing are not only life’s natural stress balancers and immune boosters, but they’re also a group of herbs that are all-encompassing in functionality; which has the greatest side effect of all: They bring the body into homeostasis.

It was this discovery that led her to that initial spark of inspiration: “Why can’t everyone find the same level of balance in their body that I have found?” and thus the seeds of Bala Veda were sewn.

Now with 10 years of herbalism and 5 years of Ayurvedic training with some of the country’s top Ayurvedic professors, Amanda herself, is a very well respected Ayurvedic Practitioner with a practice of her own and an immunity beverage company whose sole focus is using adaptogens, through an Ayurvedic lens, to help jumpstart the immune system in times of need.

This journey has led her to discover that her story really isn’t that uncommon; and every single one of us could benefit from the healing powers of adaptogens.

Nowadays you’ll find Amanda working with clients or in the test kitchen creating new Bala Veda formulas for all sorts of imbalances. Focus. Energy. And of course, immunity. All cleverly formulated and individually different, but with one common goal: To help everyone find BALANCE in their own body.

— Amanda Hester-Smith, Founder
Certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Counselor - Herbalist -  Certified Yoga Instructor -  Certified Mom and Baby Yoga Instructor -  Kids Yoga Certification -  Restorative Yoga Certification