What if the secret to
finding balance is found
in ancient herbs?


Adaptive energy activists, balance seekers.

Welcome! We're glad you're here. We're Amanda and Sebastian and we started Bala Veda for one reason to bring the stress-relieving, healing powers of adaptogens to people everywhere. We want you to experience the miraculous benefits of these ancient herbs and achieve better focus, balance, and the "wisdom of vitality" as we have.

Our journey began in NYC while looking to find better ways to combat stress, fatigue, and anxiety. With a background in herbalism, a budding interest in Ayurveda, and a heart filled with spirit, Amanda searched for months before stumbling upon the remedy to her ongoing energy and stress issues: Adaptogens.

These ancient herbs for modern-day healing are life's natural stress balancers and immune boosters, with all-encompassing functionality and the power to bring the body into homeostasis.

It was this discovery that led to the initial spark of inspiration:"Why can't everyone find the same level of balance in their bodies that I have found?"And thus the seeds of Bala Veda were sewn.

Today, Amanda is a well-respected Ayurvedic Practitioner and co-founder of Bala Veda, whose sole focus is using these adaptogenic formulas to help jumpstart your immunity and focus in times of need. Energy and Immunity-are all uniquely formulated to help you find balance in your body.

Adapt Wisely.

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