Why Millennials Need Clean Energy

Why Millennials Need Clean Energy

Millennials are described as those born between 1981 and 1996. We had it kind of rough, but also carved new paths for ourselves. I say “we” because I happen to fall into this category myself, albeit at the older end. We watched as “America ran on Dunkin'”, Starbucks popped up on every corner and drinks like red bull and 5 hr energy flooded the market. Sure we were perked, but the after effects of these products left us riddled with anxiety, agitated and crashing. It started to feel kinda….gross, the way we were inundated with products to aid our production, but in a very unhealthy way; and a lot of us have paid the price for it in our bodies. 

Now that we are moving into our 30s and 40s, I think we know better. We have to make healthier decisions as we get older and set better examples for our children. So the time has come to move out of the old paradigm of garbage energy drinks and into something healthier, cleaner & better.  So I made one for us!  Let me break down my process for you so you can see how it’s possible for us to have energy but still feel great about what we’re putting in our bodies.  

The Breakdown: 

In our Balaveda energy shots, I carefully chose specific ingredients for their unique and healthy benefits. Let's explore the reasons behind our choices:

Organic Green Coffee Caffeine: Understanding the Difference

We prioritize the use of non-gmo, sustainably sourced, and ethically grown green coffee extract in our energy shots. Unlike roasted coffee beans, green coffee bean extract contains essential antioxidants known as Chlorogenic Acids. These antioxidants are beneficial for various reasons, including natural weight loss and the presence of bioavailable caffeine. By using unroasted and unprocessed coffee beans, we retain their naturally occurring and unaltered benefits.

Blending L-theanine and Green Caffeine for Maximum Benefits

Research has shown that combining l-theanine with caffeine enhances and heightens cognitive performance and subjective alertness. In simpler terms, it effectively wakes up your brain. L-theanine promotes calmness and focus, while green caffeine boosts alertness and provides stimulation. This synergistic combination creates a powerful energy blend, enabling you to shift your energy into a realm of calm productivity that can truly transform your life.

Adaptogens: Their Purpose and Selection

Simultaneously we incorporate specific adaptogens into our energy shots due to their remarkable properties. Here are two examples:

  1. Eleuthero: This adaptogen strengthens the immune system, increases endurance and stamina, enhances mitochondrial activity, speeds up recovery, prevents depletion, improves alertness and cognitive function, and reduces stress, chronic fatigue, and adrenal fatigue.

  2. Cordyceps: Known for enhancing aerobic capacity, cordyceps improves lung function and reduces fatigue, and in studies, shown to improve VO2 Max by up to 11%. It also aids in energy storage within cells, contributing to overall vitality.

B12: A Vital Component

We include B12 in our energy shots due to its numerous benefits. B12 improves cognitive function, helps the body efficiently convert food into energy, and enhances mood. It is also essential for overall strength, red blood cell production, and proper nervous system function.

By carefully selecting these ingredients, I wanted to ensure that our Balaveda energy shots provide a comprehensive and effective boost to your energy levels while promoting various aspects of your well-being.

Did I mention all ingredients are organic and it tastes great too? 

So to kick off 2024, we’re putting our clean energy shots on sale for you to try and see for yourself. Use code energy48 at checkout for 48% off. 

In good health,


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