Spring and Ayurveda

Spring and Ayurveda

Happy Sping Equinox! 

As the weather warms and wakes up, so do our bodies!  Afterall, we are part of nature and as without, so within. This can feel like a shedding or a sloughing off. We allow our food to get lighter and our bodies to move more as we have more daylight. 

You may get the urge to clean out the garage, work on the yard or purge some old patterns. 

In ayurveda, there are three main cycles: Daily cycles, seasonal cycles and life cycles. 

So let’s talk seasonal, specifically Spring!  

Spring is a time of cleansing, a time to melt away the excess and begin anew. Spring is also a time of transition, so let nature remind you of what you need. As chamomile, tulsi and lemon balm pop back up, these gentle herbs encourage a natural detox and playfulness. It’s time to get outside, enjoy nature's beauty and play. We naturally want to rise earlier and this aligns with ayurvedic daily routines in Spring. We start to pay more attention to how we feel in our bodies, stretching and yoga feels so great after a long winter hibernation.


Here are my top Ayurvedic tips for honoring the transition into Spring. 

  • Stretch and move your body to get lymph and blood moving again. Sun salutations are a great place to start.
  • Not a yoga person? Utilize music and dance to get things moving.
  • Dry brush to slough off the winter stagnation
  • Wake up around 6am 
  • Play in nature; get to the beach or out for a hike. Take this opportunity to digital detox.
  • Take turmeric, lemon and ginger; Spring is a big adjustment for the body and taking precautions in order to not get sick and keep the body in balance is Ayurveda’s way. I highly recommend using our Totally Turmeric shot to stay aligned in Spring.
  • Eat lighter, seasonally available foods
  • Sauna and massage; maybe finally book that spa day!
  • Dress in brighter more lively colors! We can wake up our look and feel, just like nature does. 
  • Learn a new skill! Spring is Kapha season and Kapha correlates to the time of life of childhood, when we are learning all kinds of new things. So wanna try that surf class? Take up a photography hobby? Or dig your hands in the dirt and finally try gardening? Spring wants us to get out there and plant new seeds for growth. 

As we embrace the transformative energy of spring, we're reminded of the natural cycle of renewal and growth. Just as the earth rejuvenates, so do we, shedding the old to make way for the new.

This spring, let's commit to nurturing ourselves and our environment, planting seeds of positivity and wellness that will flourish in the months to come. Whether it's through adopting a new ayurvedic routine, exploring the outdoors, or embarking on a creative endeavor, this season is ripe with opportunity.

So, let's take a deep breath of that fresh spring air, feel the warmth of the sun on our faces, and step forward with intention and joy.

Happy Spring Equinox! May this be a season of vibrant health, abundant growth, and joyful discovery.

In good health,


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