Coffee, our love/hate relationship

Coffee, our love/hate relationship


Ah coffee, the nootropic we love to hate!  

But why do we hate it?  Simply put, coffee is known to give us jitters, easily addict us, send our minds into overdrive and derail our sleep. But on the flip side, why do we love it?  Because it wakes us up, gives us energy, and is a ritual so ingrained in our culture that it's hard to separate productivity and a pot of coffee!  

We love it so much in fact, that we’ve created about a million ways to prepare it, from fancy pourover to machines that cost into the thousands. And even though we love it so much, the truth is that most of us don’t know beans about it!  (See what I did there?) For instance, did you know that coffee is one of the dirtiest crops out there, and if you're not buying organic and fair trade, you're not doing the world, (or yourself) any favors. Or how about the fact that drinking coffee after 2 PM affects your sleep? 

History of coffee and how we’ve evolved…

We’re not quite the working class we used to be. We’ve evolved, and with that, so have our diets, rituals, practices and overall way of living. I’m sure your parents' and grandparents’ generation had coffee - All. Day. Long.  Probably black, and even sometimes, after dinner! The MADNESS!  But we’re wising up. Studies show that we drink half as much coffee in the US today as we did in 1946. Coffee in the workplace has been common because it increases productivity in its employees, it’s stimulating, which is great, right?  (I guess if you're the owner, or the boss, yeah!)  But for the consumer, it can be detrimental. In ayurveda, coffee is explained as borrowing energy from your future self; kind of like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul; or writing a check your body can’t cash.   

Why and how to drink coffee, so that it has a positive nootropic effect:

But first, coffee, right? Nope! Wrong. First, warm lemon water, followed by a healthy breakfast, and THEN coffee. Why, you ask? Actually, it’s simple science.  It seems like common knowledge that a strong acid black coffee hitting an empty stomach may not be the best way to break a fast, but on a biological level, it goes even deeper. 

It actually stresses your system and can trigger the body’s natural stress response which over time can have a negative impact on hormone and nervous system regulation. Once one, or both, of those crash, it can take a LOT of work to get them back on track! The benefit of using adaptogens in place of coffee here is that adaptogens do the exact opposite. They help the body to manage its stressors and regulate the systems to run more balanced and more efficiently. 


So… let's talk Alternatives. 


Okay, you’ve made the decision to give your body a break from coffee, what do you do next?  How do we replace this age-old ritual into something that feels good in our body and mind? Luckily, today there are coffee alternatives, and other options available. In order to keep energy up, and jitters down, working with adaptogens is the most ideal alternative. At Bala Veda, our Kapow-Cacao offers what I refer to as our “Super 6” blend of adaptogens, which includes Red Reishi, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Licorice, Cordyceps, and Astragalus. Together, this magic blend of adaptogens helps give your body energy (without the jitters or crash) while boosting your immune system and keeping your brain alert.  Additionally the antioxidant-rich and mineral dense cacao helps push you through your day. Think of it as a zen approach to your morning cup o’ joe. 

It’s so good, and the most perfect way to still indulge in a healthier way. 


(There are many ways to take it, here are a few favorites.) 

Super 6 ways to make it!

  1. Straight with water - add creamer of choice (we like coconut milk) and blend
  2. Fully frothed in milk, this one is pretty decadent! Add to choice of milk and blend.
  3. Mixed into your coffee - not ready to ditch the coffee but still want to get your daily adaptogens? Throw it right in! We promise it tastes good ;) 
  4. Get fancy… we love to add a little maple syrup and cayenne or even some ghee and sea salt.
  5. Mix into an herbal tea! Love your english breakfast or lavender tea but want to spice it up a bit? Try adding Kapow and a little cream.
  6. Add Kapow to a smoothie with milk of choice and banana and blend into a super 6 smoothie. 

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