In Ayurvedic practice, doshas represent the biological energies that pulse through our bodies and mind. They’re what make you uniquely you. They also serve as a guide for your overall well-being, including your health and fulfillment. Which ultimately means, leaning into your dosha will bring you much greater happiness than your Instagram account. And we can only imagine how Insta-awesome you are. 

There are three doshas that exists. Each relate to the Five Elements and their respective properties:

Vata – Space and Air 

Pitta – Fire and Water

Kapha – Earth and Water

Now, back to our headline. What’s your dosha? Let’s dive a little deeper into each of their characteristics. Hopefully, you’ll see yourself in one.


Mentally active, Vata types are enthusiastic, free thinkers with vivid imaginations. You could say they have their head in the clouds, which could speak directly to the air element. But they’re surprisingly grounded, allowing for a fair measure of tolerance and flexibility. However, when they’re in state of imbalance, they can be anxious, flighty and unbound to routine. Physically speaking, they have distinctive body types; thin, sinewy, maybe a bit lanky. Most prefer warm, humid climates as they naturally run cold. Since their constitution is driven by the air element, their energy and mood can fluctuate dramatically, affecting their appetite and ambition. Because there is no fire in this dosha, a warm, spiced diet is key to managing a Vata type’s stress. If you’re Vata, try Deng Shen, Licorice, Brahmi and Ashwaganda.


Fire! It is ever-present in this dosha. And pitta types are noticeably full of it, making them strong, intense, and quick to emotion. To say they are natural leaders would be an understatement, and they’d let you know about it. As you can imagine, they’re fiercely competitive but fair, often characterized by their ambition and determination. That internal fire is also indicative of their physical stature; stout, muscular, slightly imposing. Of course, they have big appetites with strong digestive systems. Which means, missing a meal will put them on edge…and others on notice. Cool and refreshing diets will help temper their fiery tendencies. If you’re Pitta, try Shatavari, Red Reishi, Rhodiola and Schisandra.


Think Type A. But not necessarily an alpha. Methodical and organized, routine is critical to Kapha types’ peace of mind and balance. The presence of earth and water in this dosha provide a measure stability combined with compassion. Their body frames are strong and athletic, which can lead to weight gain, if regular exercise isn’t part of their day. While they benefit from introducing change and new experiences in their life, it can be disruptive, leading to stubbornness. Generally speaking, Kapha types are sound sleepers and good eaters. A proper diet would include light fruits and vegetables, limiting dairy and meat. If you’re Kapha, try Eulethero, Tulsi, Shilajit and Asian Gingseng.

Identifying your dosha is the first step to making sound life decisions. Might make that Instagram account of yours even more super cool.

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