Migraine Awareness Month

Migraine Awareness Month

June is migraine awareness month. Have you ever had a migraine? We have too, but we know a secret and I'm happy to share it with you! If you, or anyone you know has suffered from migraines, then you know how debilitating they can be! Often times they are exasperated by stress. This makes adaptogens a wonderful remedy, which we will touch on, but first I want to let you in on our secret...  

Chocolate! No, not the chocolate bar at the corner store filled with sugar and who knows what else. REAL chocolate. Raw, Organic, Beautiful CACAO

It's not called the food of the gods for nothin'. The power packed in this superfood is incredible medicine. One of my favorite benefits of cacao is its neuroprotective properties. Studies show that consuming cacao on a daily basis is incredibly protective in preventing migraines. How is this possible? Well, the cacao has proteins that prevent neurons from firing and releasing the inflammatory molecules that trigger migraines. How wonderful is that? 

Cacao is also one of the highest bioavailable sources of magnesium. I have no doubt that this plays into its abilities to mitigate migraines and it appears to be something we all seem to be lacking these days. When we lack magnesium, it leaves us feeling sore, cranky and generally unwell. 

Rich in antioxidants and nutrient dense, cacao does wonders for the blood, nervous system and reproductive system. Nourishing us on a very deep level.  

To go a step further, Cacao can actually fill us with a feeling of bliss! Raw organic cacao helps our brains to release Anandamide, leaving us feeling happy and well.

SO, knowing all this, and knowing what the synergy of our super six adaptogens blend provides for the body, we combined them!  Along with some cinnamon, ginger and cardamom for an exquisite and versatile beverage that will fill you with health, vitality and delight.  

Our super six...

Reishi: the immune booster

Ashwagandha: the grounder

Cordyceps: the energizer

Amalaki: the cleanser

Astagalus: the healer

Licorice: the synergizer. 

Now, has coffee ever ever packed this much health in a cup for you? I think not. 

Now that you know our secret to migraine wellness, I hope that you will share it far and wide and help others to learn and understand that mother nature has an answer for us. 

In good health,




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