Surf and Sustainability

Surf and Sustainability

Happy International Surfing Day! 

As surfers and ocean lovers here at Balaveda, we treasure our oceans and all the fun and love it provides for us. We feel deeply connected to the water and to it's protection. After all, the oceans cover 70% of the Earth! 

The benefits of surfing far outweigh just the physical. The feelings, emotions and mental clarity you expeirence while surfing truly make it an activity for the mind, body and soul, and that plays right into our ayurvedic lifestyle. 

Sustainability is one of our core values here. This is why you won't see our health beverages in plastic; a material that happens to be currently wreaking havoc on our oceans.  But instead in glass bottles, a material that can be easily recycled or reused. And we use eco-friendly packaging options such as recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable materials whenever possible.

It's also why we donate to foundations like the Surfrider organization and  Surfbrigade, both valuable for our community and the Earth as a whole. 

We prioritize sourcing organic ingredients for our beverages. This ensures that no harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms are used, minimizing the environmental impact and promoting healthier agricultural practices.

We continue to learn all the ways we can commit to helping Mother Earth on our path in business and are passionate about doing our part in the area of sustainability. 

In good vibes, big waves and clean water,






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