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2 oz Energy Shot 6 or 12 Pack

Vanilla + Blueberry + Cordyceps

100% Organic Adaptogen Energy Shot

100% Organic Adaptogen Energy Shot

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Get ready to rev up your engines with our Blue Lightning energy shot! Packed with energy and high in antioxidants, this little bottle of wonder is all you need to take on the world. And the taste? Don't get us started: It's sweet, light, and oh so delicious.

But here's the kicker - our formula won't have you bouncing off the walls like a toddler on a sugar high. We only use the cleanest, most sustainable energy ingredients that are 100% organic and good for your nervous system.

So, shake it up, take it down, and feel the sustained energy release as you let the good vibes flow and tackle your day with ease! 

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 Ingredients: organic blueberry juice, organic apple juice, organic lime juice, cardamom and vanilla flavor, L-theanine, B12, cordyceps, eleuthero, organic green coffee extract 

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